About One Shot

One Shot a blog about cinematography and filmmaking based around the concept of examining one shot of a certain film. Through analyzing that one shot I aim to dissect the visual style of a movie. So each post will focus on one favorite shot, of one of my favorite films.

The I in this blog is me, Reinout van Schie, filmmaker. Through my company, Refractions, I produce, direct, film and edit short films, varying from documentary work, to music videos and short narrative features. Check out my site for an overview of my work.



3 thoughts on “About One Shot

  1. Dear Reinout,
    I would like to publish an image from your blog where you combined three scenes from “Hurt Locker” (December 20th, 2012). You captioned it “opening shots from the Hurt Locker.” The image would go into an article that I publish in an academic online journal. Can I take your image and cite your blog?
    Thank you for your response.

    • I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to your message. I was away on vacation for the whole of july and only now read it. I appreciate your request and would have no objection whatsoever! I hope my reply is not too late. regards.

  2. Dear Reinout,
    I run a film analysis website called So The Theory Goes. I am looking to collaborate with other writers who have experience in all aspects of film. I personally specialise in editing and post production, but the website could benefit from input from other areas including cinematography. If you would be interested in collaborating, or at least offering some insight, please contact me at shaquilla@sothetheorygoes.com
    Thank you for your time.

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