Welcome to One Shot

Welcome to my new blog; One Shot.

On this blog I will analyze my favorite films, focussing on cinematography and film theory. Each time I will select a single shot to focus on, and from there on out write a short essay about the film. 

After running my own freelance business for almost two years now (www.refractions.nl) I want to expand into not just posting portfolio updates, or project-related news, but really create a blog focussing on interesting content.

The web is quite saturated in tech-blogs about cinematography (like sites from Philip Bloom, EOSHD, Vincent LaForet, etc.) where the focus most often lies on hardware reviews and in-depth technology analyses. But blogs about film-theory are a lot less omnipresent. 

As I’m schooled in film theory, I thought it would be interesting to complement all those tech-sites with a more film-theoretical focus on cinematography. 

My focus therefore will not be which tools are used in the filmmaking, or things like dynamic range, noise, resolution, sensors, bitrates, raw-formats vs. compressed formats, film vs. digital, etc. etc. Most of the other blogs got that covered pretty well.

My focus will be on why a shot works for me. Why does it resonate? Think about composition, color, framing and context, that sort of thing.

This weekend I will launch my first post, focussing on the 1999 Michael Mann film, The Insider. This film has long been one of my favorites, and a lot of that has to do with the amazing cinematography by Dante Spinotti, a regular collaborator of director Michael Mann.

So. In a few days I will pick out one shot, and focus on the cinematography and theory behind it.

For now, once again, welcome to One Shot!

Reinout van Schie



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